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Our Mission

miRobot was established in order to solve a substantial challenge dairy farms are facing around the world.  As labor shortage became one of the most talked about pain-point in the farming world, causing closure of dairy farms and daily operational difficulties.

Our goal is to launch our robots for commercial pilots in 2024, enabling farmers around the world to transform their current milking parlor infrastructures into a smart, automatic and operator free robotic milking parlor.


Please leave us a note and we will be in touch once we establish operation in your area.

Our Purpose

miRobot aims to improve farm's animal health as well as milking parlor efficiency by enabling controlled, automated and operator free milking sessions. 

Our technology will decrease cow's stress as well as thrive to supply the farm with early detection of health issues.

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Our Story

miRobot was founded by Dr. Tal Bareket, a sessional expert in 3D image processing technology and years of dairy farm experience.

Dr. Bareket began his R&D process on miRobot's proprietary 3D image processing technology several years ago, followed by capital and professional support from the Trendlines group as well as several leading farming industry investors.

miRobot is also supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority and Ministry Of Agriculture.



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