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Robotic milking routines 

miRobot - Rethink milking

miRobot is an innovative add-on robotic solution that automates the entire milking routine. miRobot integrates with your existing dairy farm infrastructure and management systems to bring a handful of added values while fully automating the milking parlor.  


Automate your milking parlor

With miRobot’s technology, the complete milking process is done automatically, including the Pre and Post milking routines. miRobot enables the use current milking parlor infrastructures, managment systems and daily operational habits to become fully automatic.
Using our robot enables simultaneous milking in a fully automated manner with only one supervisor per session for the entire parlor. 

Using miRobot results in a shorter, standardized and more controlled  milking sessions. Our robotic solution enables servicing more cows, ensure a better pre and post milking procedures and achieve a higher milk throughput and a healthier herd.


parlor capacity


Shortens milking


labor costs

Integrates With Your Existing Milking System

The miRobot technology fits into every type of parlor, stall, and milking system. miRobot is compact, highly durable, and extremely easy to integrate and operate, making it a cost-effective solution for milking parlors of every size.

miRobot significantly lowers production costs, providing a critical savings advantage in a market with rapidly shrinking margins and volatile prices.

5eba7ba55fdbd34d9c20039f_Affordable  add-on solution .png

labor costs

5eba7ba55fdbd3a5ef2003a2_Easy to install and maintain.png

Easy to install
and maintain

5eba7ba55fdbd320862003a9_No vendor lock in.png

No vendor
lock in

5eba7ba55fdbd3dd722003ca_Benefit 3 BG-p-1080.jpeg

Improving Throughput
and Milk Quality

The miRobot proprietary cleaning, sanitation and preparation cups works in tandem with the parlor's milking cup, automatically attaching on to the teats to ensure a complete pre and post milking routine without the need for any human assistance.

Consistent and dependable, miRobot eliminates human oversight or fatigue. Its “human touch” technology is extra gentle on teats, providing consistent care that improves cow health and milk quality.

5eba7ba55fdbd316ac2003a6_Consistent care.png


5eba7ba55fdbd393322003af_Improved milk quality and yield.png

Improved milk
quality and yield

5eba7ba55fdbd38dd02003a3_Improved cow health.png

cow health


The miRobot Technology

The miRobot add-on robotic solution fully automates the complete milking process with pioneering  patented technology from the fields of robotics, image processing, and dairy science. miRobot conducts gentle and consistent pre and post milking , yet it is highly robust to withstand the tough conditions of the milking parlor.


The miRobot Technology

Based on an innovative mechanical structure, the robotic arms are lightweight, highly flexible, durable, and gentle to the cow.

5eba7ba55fdbd30426200495_miRobot Technology In Action_א-p-1080.jpeg

3D Imaging

Cutting edge 3D imaging guides the milking and cleaning cups to the teats swiftly and pricely. The cups latch quickly, safely, and more gently than the human hand.

Cleaning cup2_edited.jpg

Unique Disinfecting Process

A unique cup for cleaning, disinfection, and preparation imitates the human hand, stimulating the teats and spraying air, liquid, and disinfectant.

Compare The Milking Process With and Without miRobot

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